Can personalization drive a change?


– Hi! Finally, pleased to see you in Aurika! – I rejoice.
– Hi.
– How was your trip? Was there a flight via Warsaw? Waiting was probably tiring, wasn‘t it?
– Thank you, everything is alright.
– Cup of coffee? Tea? Maybe juice or water?
– A cup of cappuccino, please. – “Small talk” seems not to be the case this time.
– It will be done. Please come with me. – I turn quietly to the meeting room. We step up the stairs and set up in the “aquarium” – the meeting room is called like that by some of our visitors. Cappuccino comes afterwards.
– So, Aurika has been in business for 28 years. We started from ….
– I’m aware. I started working on purchases about the same time ago.
– Impressive! Therefore, you will agree how important it is for the supplier to be …
– Can we switch to pricing and delivery terms?
– Eeeeeehhhhhhh …- wait, wait. What about team, values, experience ??? I feel like my enthusiasm evaporates with cappuccino. I grab a bottle of water from the table – a couple of sipes will be enough to regroup.
– Oh! What kind of water it is? Does it differ from bottle to bottle?
– The water is the same, but the bottles are different.
– Mmmmm … And how many different water bottles are there? – REALLY??? From prices to water?
– All of them are different. We introduced digital variable data printing, Mosaic design. In short, personalization. Have you heard about it?
– Yes, yes, I have. Unfortunatelly I‘ve never actually met it before. Wasn‘t it Coca-Cola that did it?
– Yes, they did. With the “Share a Coke” campaign, they have managed to grow sales after a steady decline over the last 10 years. Ferrero also sold their 7 million. personalized “Nutella” jars in Italy within a month. Your cappuccino is getting cold.
– Perhaps it works the best for the kids, doesn‘t it?
– Hhhmmmm … I wouldn’t say so. Bud Lite has attracted young people with personalization because previous drinkers have matured and moved to more mature drinks. Smirnoff and several others flickered in the media with their personalized products. Not really childish brands, huh? Therefore we also wanted to check how it works.
– How? You don‘t sell water, do you?
– Noooooooo. Or maybe we should? We were suggested to – I smile, remembering the advice of some guests to sell Aurika WATER. – Especially that HP research shows that about 70% of buyers tend to pay 10% or more for personalized products.
– Looks like you have a new business plan alongside labels and packaging – he laughs. HE LAUGHS?!
– Oh, printing is enough for us, just keep up with the news. BUT! For our guests we use twice as much water as before.
– You mean they drink more?
– Not necessarily. Some are curious to taste different bottles. Some want to take their favourite with them. Some want to grab a bottle for a friend or colleague to show because they find it beautiful. There are all kinds of situations.
– How interesting .. If not a secret, who produces such water?
– Nobody is. I mean, water is produced but labels are our own. Contract manufacturing.
– What about the design? Who created the design, all these patterns?
– Ourselves. Patterns are pictures of ink waste.
– ?????????????????
– Well, Marius, the printing operator, used to make pictures of printing inks waste tanks during the press changeover time. Just before forwarding it for the utilization.
– Are you serious?
– That‘s fine. There were many people among colleagues too who raised their fingers to their heads asking – are you alright? How else would you react seeing a person who takes pictures of waste and admires them?
– And … ??
– Justas joined Marius saying – let’s create something of value out of this waste. When they first produced several canvas, the teasing signs decreased. And when Vytaute created labels for the water that won the Silver A’Design Award, we officially became the creators – I openly state.
– I was wondering what the design reminds me of. Exactly, canvas! Paintings! Where are these canvas?
– If you look to the left, one is hanging there. Another one is hanging on the ground floor. All others are out to decorate interiors of coworkers. They donated money for canvas to support the social aid fund. In fact, the project will be further developed by the fund itself. Money for paintings will be devoted to assist children sick with cancer.
– So, you launched this project for social initiative?
– Yes and no. The idea was to turn waste into creative solutions. That‘s how all of these – art, corporate means, demonstration of technology and social initiative – evolved. If I tell you in detail, it can take until morning.
– Yeah, yeah, you’re right, we need to get back to the agenda. Can I get samples? For our creative team.
– Of course. Maybe one more coffee? This one has cooled down completely.
– Nah .. Thanks. I’ll drink water.