Digital printing helps to win the hearts of consumers


It’s no secret that a small print runs printed using digital printing can be more cost efficient and faster than conventional methods. For this reason – cost reduction and speed – the use of digital printing is growing in practice. But the true purpose of the digital printing is to respond adequately to the rapidly changing needs of users. The creative use of its potential makes it possible to increase sales more than to reduce costs.
The ability to print small numbers of copies allows you to expand the market segmentation of users, to supply specifically tailored product to each target group according to the interests, habits or personal qualities. The digital printing enables to respond faster and to provide the market with products that correspond to national or worldwide news, celebrations, seasons and other events that take place in the life of the consumers at a particular time.  By giving creative freedom to product designers and marketing professionals, digital printing makes label a means  communication with consumers at the point of purchase, integrate into marketing campaigns or even to become their axis. That’s exactly what Coca Cola  has done, according to Marcelo Akierman. More than a billion of different labels has been produced for the campaign Share a Coke in Europe, and the implementation of the idea was entrusted to “HP Indigo” Digital Printing Technology. (Source: Digital printing today – Annual Edition 2016 ).