Main trends in food and drink industry in 2017


The largest sectoral exhibitions are a great place to look for answers, what   products are the market waiting for and what knowledge will have to be broadcasted by their packages to the consumers. Euromonitor International expertshave visited the Food and Drink Exhibition in the United Kingdom and uncover key market trends and innovations:

Naturally nutritious products: 100% natural ingredients, without artificial colourings and preservatives receive increasingly more attention. Food processing methods allowing to save more nutritional properties are used, for example, products for roasting are changed by products for cooking, and air drying is more popular.
Innovations in soft drinks – pure water supplemented with natural ingredients is no more enough for the market. Coco, bamboo, birch, maple, cactus or aloe vera and other waters are presented. 
Attention is paid to the origin of foodstuffs,  back-to-the-land: the production of food according to traditional recipes, maintained freshness, supply from the farm onto the table. The products are accompanied to the market together with their stories. 
Developing consumer experience: consumers are encouraged not only to choose food carefully but also to experiment with their tastes. In this way, a different experience of consumption is created.