Pack&Play or why augmented reality works


To draw the attention of consumers is the main reason why augmented reality is used for packaging.
Imagine that you choose a product in one of the product categories. Among them, there is a product with a unique story that is printed on the label. How likely will you read it and evaluate the uniqueness of the product? And now imagine that the product label addresses you. Literally, it tells you a story that you won’t hear anywhere else. It even shares not one but 19 stories! It was the case of “19 Crimes” that became the fastest growing brand in the TWE portfolio, and the annual sales increased by 60%.

This and similar success stories convince that packaging digitalization can serve the marketing of products. For this reason, in the last year we focused on developing of the augmented reality packaging, and presented a demonstration project at the Scanpack exhibition (see the video below). “It’s the best thing I’ve seen at the show,” our visitors said. On our Facebook page, we also asked how our visitors evaluate this solution: 11% of participants who attended the augmented reality presentation did not know what it was
33% of participants stated that they had already tried the augmented reality, and they liked it.
56% of presentation viewers expressed their willingness to try the augmented reality.

Such attractiveness for consumers of the augmented reality packaging/label is caused by the possibilities:  Experiencing pleasure from playing, participating in lotteries, going to virtual reality, listening to stories, etc.
Finding solutions to problems: interactive familiarisation with qualities of the product, getting advice on consumption, participation in the loyalty programs, etc.
Sharing experiences: creating communities, transferring impressions to social media, participation in brand creation, giving feedback, etc. 

All this is here and now and achieved by using smart mobile devices, without which the millennium generation daily life is hard to imagine. It is estimated that until 2025 they will comprise 50% of European purchasing power. For these reasons, the digitization of packaging is gaining speed creating conditions for businesses to achieve their goals:Increase sales: new, upselling or cross-selling.
Increase brand awareness: make greater the website visitor traffic, and popularity in social media.
Gather marketing data regarding consumer behaviour, engagement, and geographic movement.

Would you like to know more about the augmented reality packaging? Or maybe you already have an idea for which namely this solution was necessary? Let’s talk >