Delivery – on time and to the right place
Delivery – on time and to the right place

Standard terms

  • From 3 to 7 

    Labels lead time

  • From 5 to 18

    Flexible packaging lead time

Regularly audited production

Each production cycle is accompanied by a declaration of conformity of the product. This document contains all the information related to production during a specific run: materials, technical parameters, packaging, compliance with standards, etc.

Your products ready for delivery

All customers are unique, but equally important, therefore, we deliver our packaging and labels according to each client’s specific technological production requirements.

Cleanliness and order during transportation

Products are transported in clean vehicles to protect them from contamination. We guarantee transportation quality when it’s carried out by our partners.

Strict transport control

We strictly control transport managed by our partners to ensure conditions meet the necessary requirements. Most often we employ already proven partners with whom we have been collaborating with for many years.