Smart store


Vendor Managed Inventory is an optimal solution for your warehouse inventory management. It is based on the dynamic buffer management according to E. Goldratt’s theory of constraints (TOC).


Minimum effort for
maximum results

The smart inventory and storage system can be installed with minimum of your effort. We just need to discuss your needs and choose the way of customisation.


Creating your advantage

This the first system of this type in Lithuania, which allows to optimise warehouse stock movements. It can reduce waste of not only human but also financial resources and divert them to process improvement.


Recruited technology

Using the smart warehouse system, you no longer need to control the label or packaging stock in order to make a repeat purchase order. In this way, human resources can be directed for creative and managerial tasks that technology cannot handle.

Two reliable ways
customised for

your accounting data

The simplest and inexpensive way to ensure the stock management service is automated transfer of daily warehouse stock data from your accounting system to our vendor managed inventory system.

Movement capture

If you cannot send data from your accounting system about our products supplied, all our company’s goods can be labelled with RFID labels, which encode the necessary information about the product. RFID label scanning equipment can be integrated in your warehouse, to send data on the movement of goods in our warehouse to our company database.

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